Charity Wicks

Charity Wicks all natural, non-GMO soy candles are produced from vegan friendly, kosher certified, soy beans grown in the USA. All Charity Wicks candles are free of any dyes or coloring in order to produce the most natural candle. Featuring lead free, self trimming cotton wicks as well as environmentally conscious fragrance oils to ensure superior hot and cold throws of scent further means high quality, all natural candles.

  • Soy candles last up to 50% longer. They burn slower and cooler which helps to better distribute the fragrance of the candle.
  • Melted soy wax will not cause severe burns.
  • Soy candles are non-toxic and are less likely to trigger allergies.
  • They easily clean up off of fabric and carpet with soap and water.
  • They produce very little soot compared to paraffin wax based candles.

GSP Rescue of NJ gets portion of each candle sold!

You can use the link below to order online or download the order form.

The candles feature our dogs, many of them rescues, some belonging to volunteers.


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