Sandy Castle

Vice President

I was a dog lover since before I could walk, and first learned of the GSP breed when I got Otis, my now 13+ year old fella. Otis was always quirky and loving, sometimes regal with crossed paws, and often goofy in the way he communicates his feelings through a chatter of his teeth, an expression on his face or big WOOF when he is hungry! I was hooked on the breed.

After having him for a few years, I started to do some research to learn more about the breed and discovered rescue. Reading the descriptions of GSPs waiting for adoption, I learned Otis was very typical of the breed. That was 2004 and I have been actively involved since.

I enjoy fostering and playing matchmaker for GSPs and their new families, but am a computer programmer by trade. When not obsessed with rescue, I also enjoy dog training with my guys.

My rescue life is a family affair—if my husband Sean isn’t cooking for a rescue party, you might find him helping with a transport or training a foster dog. We also have another bird dog, a Vizsla named Clyde who often supports his brother at rescue events by being cute and wearing a donation vest.