Our goal is simple — a home for every GSP!

German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) are an energetic, loving, stubborn, but fiercely loyal breed of dogs often given up or abandoned for just these qualities. In many cases, people do not understand a GSP’s energy level or need for companionship before getting the dog. This can lead to surrender or abandonment.

nySNOW8rm6Luckily, we are an energetic, loving, stubborn, but fiercely loyal bunch of volunteers dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted purebred GSPs.

As part of our mission, we also educate the public about the breed and requirements of dog ownership in general.

We also assist GSP owners as needed in order to prevent abandonment or surrender.

Most members are current or past GSP owners; all share a love of this magnificent breed. The collective knowledge and dog experience in our group is a tremendous asset that differentiates us from many other rescue groups. It also enables our record of success.

Our deep understanding of the breed helps us to match the right dog to the right family.

Where We Go
Our group covers all of New Jersey, parts of New York, but we also assist other recognized out-of-state GSP rescues with placing dogs in dire situations.

New Jersey and New York are our priorities, but GSP groups in the Midwest and South, are particularly challenged with fewer potential homes, large number of  “puppy mills” and greater amount of kill shelters.

If we have an approved family waiting for a GSP who is a match for an out-of-state dog, we facilitate the adoption.

How We Operate
As a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer organization.

We raise money through our annual appeal, at our own and community events, through adoption fees, grants and donations from the public.

Funds raised go towards the care, vetting and support of the dogs in our program. We do not have paid staff and we do not operate a shelter.

We are an all-volunteer organization, governed by an internal board of trustees and work with a foster home model.