NY9 Update

Duke is a sweet dog and a big mush—and a leaner.  He always wants to be next to you.

He is a cross between “The Duke” and “Marmaduke”—majestic and regal, yet clumsy? He loves playing with his toys, going outside and fetching a stick.

Duke is a loving dog and when he converses it kind of sounds like “Dori” talking to the whales if you’ve seen “The Little Mermaid” movie.  He loves to go for walks and hikes.

Greta has settled in beautifully with us. She is extremely affectionate and, contrary to our original plan, snuggles under the sheets with us every night. She loves to run in the fields near our house and is especially good at keeping the geese on alert.

She loves puddles but definitely does not trust the swimming pool. She is still learning that kids are her friends. Greta enjoys romping with her next door neighbor and best dog friend Duke.

She is full of personality and has us laughing all the time! We are hoping she can participate in more Rescue fundraising events this year. We truly could not have asked for a more perfect canine companion!

Harlow adjusted very well within the first month or so we had changed her name, which didn’t seem to matter to her. She answers to all commands and seems to understand everything I say to her. I couldn’t have asked for a better choice for my home. I am now living with my fiancé and his three Jack Russell terriers and they all get along so well.

She filled avoid when I lost my other GSP Maggie, that I didn’t think could be filled. She’s a wonderful dog; she is so smart; she’s beautiful on the outside and the inside and has a wonderful loving home. I wish I could adopt more. Thank God for rescues!

We’ve had Pippa for a year now and she’s coming along.

Pippa is very active and, at times, very anxious. We have been working very hard on this with her and have limited her interaction with other dogs.

She loves to play ball with the boys and chase the squirrels in the back yard. Pippa is very sweet and loves to snuggle with anyone willing to share their blanket with her.

Pippa has been a great addition to our family and has brought us much joy.

He is a very active, vibrant young man and is loved by all. He has adjusted very well to his new home. As you know it was a little shaky in the beginning with our Black Lab Mack. Mack gets a little jealous and Tucker gets a little jealous also. He loves all in our household, but I am his favorite and he does not leave my side. He also loves tormenting the cats especially Puddy, but Puddy is really the instigator.

We love Tucker who is still just a little wild, but we are working on that with training.

He hates being outside in the winter. Sometimes when it snows we have to carry him out because he refuses to go out—it is to funny.

Tucker does not like when he is left alone when we are outside. We all love him and we are so glad he is part of our family.

Thank you for letting us rescue him.

B’s name was changed to Tupper, he is doing great.

He is the sweetest dog ever and I can let him out with out a leash and he listens and stays on the property.

He took very little training, and is very smart. He is a little spoiled though.

Willow has been enjoying the snow in full force. She loves hopping around in the white powder, however she is looking forward to the warmer weather. She has been cuddling with her sister by the fireplace each night.

She loves to cuddle at night with whoever goes to bed first. Willow has taken several trips up to see Dana (her foster mom from GSP Rescue of NJ) and her pack. She enjoyed swimming in the pool and we had trouble keeping her dry at times lol.

She has been the center of most of our conversations because she is so lively and has such character and we find ourselves laughing. She loves following my nieces around and chasing after them on the tractor when they go for rides. She has a mild obsession with playing fetch and loves when I break out the Chuckit.

She hasn’t bothered our chickens at all she just stares at them then runs away to get her tennis ball. She has brought our family so much joy and laughter. We are so very lucky to have her in our lives.

Zoey she has grown into beautiful GSP. She is a very friendly dog and greets everyone with excitement (sometimes too much but we’re working on that ). She loves playing with my grandkids and delights in having them chase her in circles. Her favorite game (and mine) is Frisbee and she is really good at catching them in mid-air.

She gets plenty of exercise chasing after all the squirrels and rabbits in my yard. I think the squirrels delight in tormenting her as they sit on the fence by the window and then of course she needs to go out to try and get them. We go in and out a lot!

She just LOVES “playdates” with her “big brother” Mason—my daughter-n-law’s GSP—and follows him everywhere. Zoey is mommy’s girl, cuddling with me on the couch each night and waiting patiently to happily greet me in the morning when I get out of bed. She is a wonderful family dog and we are so happy to have found her!