South Dakota Puppy Mill

Ultimate the 173 counts of animal cruelty against a South Dakota puppy mill owner were dropped because a judge ruled  that the search warrant used for the seizure of the dogs was not legally obtained. The good news is, the dogs were rescued, but even that became sinister.

After the judge ruled that Dan Christensen could have his dogs back, he decided he did not want them, so he decided to sell them for $100 a piece.  Normally this is not how rescue works, but the alternative was much worse.

Brittany Rescue purchased all the dogs of that breed and word among Weimareiner rescue was spread to save them as well. None of the organizations involved agreed with the “purchase” of these dogs, but it was their only chance of survival and for a normal life. Otherwise the dogs would have been returned to horrible conditions.

They all were in temporary foster care with a local South Dakota rescue during the time of the legal proceedings. There were approximately 40 GSPs on the premises and to make a long terrible story short, we were given the chance to help and were in a position to do so.  We are happy to report that they are lucky dogs now.

Here is how they turned out. All updates were written by the adopters.