Happy Tails

We love hearing from our adopters! They describe their rescues like no one else could.

Great news. Sophie is working out very well. Last week she graduated her 6-week beginner obedience course. She did so well, in fact, that of the 12 dogs originally in the class, she was the ONLY one promoted to the next level class, pre-novice.

Olive has adjusted beautifully and we adore her.She began obedience classes last Wed. Her second class tomorrow and she’s doing well. We’re so happy we found her. She’s very smart (maybe smarter than me).

Polly is a wagging, happy mess! She is a bit of a Houdini with her crate! My daughter came home from school yesterday and her and Rox (the other dog) were curled up on the couch. Rest assured she’s not lacking any love or affection!

Miss Abbey is oh so sweet. She’s curled up with Paul on the couch right now – 1/2 on his lap. We SWORE we’d never let a dog on the couch, but-well-you know. She curls up to about the size of a dinner plate so doesn’t take up much room. Love her.

Mandi is doing great! She sleeps in the sunbeam that hits his bed in the afternoon. She is still bunny and squirrel crazy, but it appears that my bunny rabbit friends got the Mandi message and left town.  My family and Mandi are having so much fun together. She is a kissing machine lately.

Emalee’s a perfect fit!! She very much wants to be a lap dog. My son Kevin came home from practice last night and he laid on half her bed and she walked right up his chest and laid down on top of him :). This morning she snuck up on John’s lap after he got home from work and took full advantage of him because he was sleeping on the couch. The crate is still not her favorite place although she does go in from time to time to take a short nap, but she prefers to lay on top instead of inside. She’s quite a character. ”


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