Do you love GSPs?  Is your home philosophy “the more the merrier?”  If you saw a stray GSP—you would save the dog – right? Do you want to make sure all GSPs have a forever home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be the perfect foster home for a desperate GSP.

The how and whys of fostering

To foster a GSP, you need to be an official rescue volunteer and live in New Jersey or New York. Start  by filling out the preliminary form here. (Becoming a volunteer to foster does not obligate you to help in any other way but you are welcome to.)

A current member of our group will contact you to review your application. Once you are on board, we’ll let you know about foster opportunities.

Foster families play a HUGE role in helping rescue match the dog to the RIGHT family. When a dog is in foster care, we can learn all about its quirks, needs, issues, character, energy level etc. Having so much knowledge is important and advantageous in making sure that the dog will fit into the lifestyle of its new home.

Our group has a superior record for placing dogs just once because we are so careful about matches and because our foster families are so dedicated to the breed. In the rare event, a dog gets returned, rescue will take it back, but you are not obligated to re-foster.

Many dogs come into the program and already have a match, so you may just have a foster for a few hours or a few days. Some dogs take slightly longer to place, and it could be a few weeks to a few months. Olive

On unique occasions we will get a dog, such as a poor old senior, who would be considered a long-term foster because. Rescue can’t promise how long a dog will be with you, but we usually have a good estimate of the potential stay for each dog.

Fostering can be hard work—it disrupts your everyday routine and can hurt your heart when the dog gets adopted.

But in all those moments of hard work there is the joy of knowing you are giving this dog hope it would have never had.

It’s the most rewarding feeling when you see your foster dog lie down with a full belly, and have a good night’s sleep finally. They simply KNOW they are safe.

For the love of a GSP–please consider fostering!!! Next Steps