Why Rescue?

A lot of people ask us: “Why does THIS breed need a rescue?”


The unfortunate fact is, every breed needs a rescue. Breed-specific groups save thousands of dogs from going to shelters and worse, and help people understand that you can ADOPT an amazing purebred dog of nearly any age.

Rescue dogs of any breed or mix are not “damaged” – in fact, most animals are given up because of human situations not because of anything they’ve done.

Situations like a divorce, a move, lack of time and financial constraints are common reasons pets lose their homes.

In the case of German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs), they are an energetic, loving, stubborn, but fiercely loyal breed and often given up or abandoned for just these qualities.

When not a related to a life situation, why do GSPs usually get abandoned?

“Too much energy.” “Dog doesn’t hunt.” “Dog doesn’t like my cat.” “Dog keeps running away.” “Dog has separation anxiety.” “Dog is too old.” “Dog ate my couch.”


What do all these reasons have in common? People who did not fully understand the breed at the time they got a GSP.

That’s where we come in to find them true FOREVER homes!

Rescue 101
We rescue dogs from shelters and homes where they are unwanted, or their families cannot care for them.

We don’t have a shelter of our own, but utilize foster homes.

Designated volunteers from our group take dogs into their homes and lives and care for them like they’re their own until they find a new family.

The advantage of this is that we learn about a dog’s character and personality very well during this time. We can better understand the dog’s needs in order to match it with a family whose lifestyle is a fit.

All dogs that go through the GSP Rescue of NJ program are fully vetted, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.

So what’s the adoption process?

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