Marin Regenthal-Garland


My dad is an avid hunter, so growing up we always had bird dogs in the house. Our first GSP was “Kaiser von Zar”, which began our love of pointers from a young age. When my older sister (and rescue President) Rayna moved out, she got a GSP named Abby which led her to begin volunteering for GSP Rescue of NJ. From there, she recruited our whole family!

I love my seniors, and I adopted three of them all through our rescue. My heart was broken when two of my guys crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2013. Then at age, 15-1/2 yr old George, who was is spunky to the end, passed in 2014.  Our brother & his wife, who also volunteer, have a GSP that was adopted through our group, and our parents have a spunky Deutsch-Drahthaar (wire-haired pointer) and an English Pointer whom they fostered for our rescue and he just never left their house (Rayna and I both said he needed to stay in our family)!

Whenever there are rescue events, my 6-year-old son Tanner and all of my nieces join in the fun and are ready to help.  My son wears our rescue sweatshirts every day to school – even for class pictures.

Rescue does have its up and downs, but the end reward is always worth it.  When we receive updates from past adopters about pups that we saved from bad situations, it makes me smile and realize the work we do really matters.

Dogs are just the best no matter how bad their lives were at one point they overcome that and give unconditional love to their new family. Yes, it might take some time but if people are willing to put the work in then they will have a new family member who will bring a smile to their face every day.

For rescue, I handle all of the financial dealings and help with the new volunteers. Professionally, I am an Office Manager/Administrative Secretary for the County of Morris.  In my “spare time,” I enjoy hiking/walking, fishing with my son, just being outside, playing softball, and being with my family.