Marin Regenthal-Garland


My dad is an avid hunter, so growing up we always had dogs in the house. Our first GSP was Zar. When my older sister (and rescue president) Rayna moved out, she got her first dog, which was a GSP named Abby.

Rayna joined rescue and then recruited the whole family to volunteer! When I met my now husband John, I knew a dog (or two) needed to be part of our lives. Along came 3 senior GSPs —all adopted through rescue!

I love my seniors, but my heart was broken when two of my guys crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2013. Then at age, 15-1/2 yr old George, who was is spunky to the end,  passed in 2104.

We had rescued a young Dutch Shepherd named Hunter in the summer of 2013. Even though he is not a GSP he has the prey drive and the energy level of a GSP. And just in case, that’s not enough, Trigger came in to our lives from MAK GSP Rescue. He was going to be a foster dog, but  now he is ours and he and Hunter are great buddies.

Whenever there are rescue events my husband and step-children are right there with me volunteering. Our son Tanner was born in September 2013, and he will be recruited as well!

For rescue, I handle all of the financial dealings and help with the new volunteers. Professionally, I have been an Administrative Secretary for the County of Morris for the past 15 years.