Rayna Regenthal


Since I was born—no..really—I was an animal lover. We always had dogs growing up, and my parents had our first GSP before they had me. Zar started my love of the breed. We always had a rescue dog, PLUS a Pointer and/or a GSP growing up.

When I moved out, after rescuing various dogs, I knew I wanted a GSP and got Abby in 2002. I started doing rescue in 2004 when searching for another GSP to adopt.

I became Rescue Chair in 2008, and grew our group to officially become a non-profit in 2012. Along the way, I adopted Bonnie in 2005 from a Newark shelter; Jersey in 2009, who was from the infamous “Missouri 75,” a group of dogs (many GSPs) who were seized from a puppy mill. Plus, I have four other adopted “kids” —2 miniature Pinschers and two Fox Terriers.

I have sucked my whole family into volunteering (See the Treasurer’s bio!); that includes both my sisters and their husbands, my parents, brother, sister-in-law and 7 nieces and nephews—some who can’t even walk yet and don’t know they volunteer!

Professionally, I work at a firm as a junior broker selling salvage. For rescue, I perform all the intakes, oversee Facebook, Petfinder and other sites, monitor our email and match up adopters for rescue, not to mention work a bunch of events. In my “spare time,” I enjoy baking, my family, hiking, being outdoors and I love the beach.