Board of Trustees

Rayna Regenthal


Since I was born—no..really—I was an animal lover. We always had dogs growing up, and my parents had our first GSP before they had me. Zar started my love of the breed. We always had a rescue dog, PLUS a Pointer and/or a GSP growing … Read More

Marin Regenthal-Garland


My dad is an avid hunter, so growing up we always had dogs in the house. Our first GSP was Zar. When my older sister (and rescue president) Rayna moved out, she got her first dog, which was a GSP named Abby. Rayna joined rescue and then … Read More

Sue Zymroz


I have always loved dogs but unfortunately, my Mom was afraid of them. Growing up all I had was my trusty stuffed dog affectionately known as Woofie. Woofie had many different colored handmade coats throughout his life, and if I had my … Read More